SKYNET buy/sell 2.0

The SKYNET buy/sell 2.0 indicator generates buy and sell signals based on the following conditions:

**Anchor line : This anchor line is calculated based on certain parameters.
The anchor line is calculated in such a way that the stock/instrument moves around this anchor line.

The calculation of the anchor line uses a look back period which is set to 9 by default. The user can go to the indicator settings and change it to suit their trading style.

1) As the look back period increases, the number of signals generated on the chart decreases.

2) This indicator will only work on charts/stocks/instruments which are actually traded in the market i.e actual contracts of the stock/instrument is traded in the market. Hence, it will not work on indexes.

BUY signal: When the stock/instrument deviates to the upside of the anchor line by a specific margin, the Buy signal is generated.

SELL signal: When the stock/instrument deviates to the downside of the anchor line by a specific margin, the Sell signal is generated.

Disclaimer: This indicator is not 100% accurate and false signals are generated from time to time. Trading in the markets involves huge risks and one should always do his/her own research before making any trading decisions. This indicator is only designed to help you make a trading decision.
Release Notes: **We have changed the default value for the "Anchor line lookback period" from 9 to 20.
Release Notes: **The indicator has been customized to work better on longer time frames.
Release Notes: ** The minimum value for the "Anchor line lookback" period was increased to 9.
Release Notes: ++ Trendline has been added to filter out false signals. A buy signal is valid if it is generated above the trendline and similarly a sell signal is valid if it is generated below the trendline. If the price moves away significantly from the trendline, it indicates strong momentum in that direction.

++ A time constraint has been added. The indicator script now runs between
9:30 to 1500.
Release Notes: ++ Minor bug fixed in the trendline code.
Release Notes: ++ Minor bug fixed in the time constraint code.
Release Notes: ++ Minor change in calculation of the trendline.
Release Notes: ++ VISUAL TREND has been added to the indicator. WE can filter out false signals by using the signals and the VISUAL TREND together.

The VISUAL TREND is established by using a couple of exponential moving averages with customized parameters and settings.

A buy signal is more likely to work if the VISUAL TREND is bullish.

A sell signal is more likely to work if the VISUAL TREND is bearish.

++ Time constraint has been removed to increase the efficiency of the indicator on cryptocurrency charts.

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