Rule Number 1 Signals

This script takes the Rule #1 3 tools and plots them on the graph, to provide an additional level of indication for when to sell and when to buy.
Release Notes: Close instead of buy
Release Notes: Minor cosmetic changes
Release Notes: exit on 2 signals as per rule number 1
Release Notes: More aggressive closing tactic to take profits if things don't go well
Release Notes: Added comments and made the entry criteria based off of three period entry for each of the three tools.

Included an experimental stop loss strategy - though will port this over to another future script with comprehensive support resistance.
Release Notes: Cleanup
Release Notes: Switch back to simple moving average as per the book, and implement a look back mechanism for sell signal (to be in line with the buy signal)
Release Notes: Simplify script - resulting in higher win rates
Release Notes: Simplify script
Release Notes: Cleanup + refine the strategy to wait for 2 signals and then enter on the third as per the book.

Allowing for more signals per timeframe
Release Notes: Update to Pine script version 4
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