CPR with SMA, EMA, VWAP & Super Trend by GuruprasadMeduri

This script will allow to add CPR with Standard Pivots and 4 Indicators.

Standard Pivot has 9 levels of support and 9 levels of resistance lines. It has CPR , 3 levels of Day-wise pivots , 3 levels of Weekly pivots and 3 Levels of Monthly Pivots .
In Addition to the CPR and Pivot , this script will allow user to Add 4 more Indicators - SMA , EMA , VWAP and SuperTrend as well.

All the Support and resistance levels can be enabled / disabled from settings. It will allow to select multiple combinations of support and resistance levels across 3 levels at any of the 3 time-frames individually and combined.
All 4 Indicators can be can be enabled / disabled from settings. This will allow the indicators to be plotted individually and combined along with any combination of CPR & Pivots .

These number of combinations will allow user to visualize the charts with desired indicators, pivot support & resistance levels on all or any of the 3 time frames.

For Ease of access, listed few points on how the script works..

- CPR and day-wise level 1 & 2 (S1 & R1) enabled by default and can be changed from settings
- Day-wise Level 2 & 3 (S2, R2, S3 & L3) can be enabled from settings
- Weekly 3 levels and Monthly 3 levels can be enabled from settings
- CPR & pivot levels colored in blue lines
- All support levels colored in Green
- All resistance levels Colored in Red
- Day-wise pivot , support & resistance are straight lines
- Weekly pivot , support & resistance are cross (+) lines
- Weekly pivot , support & resistance are circle (o) lines
- SMA , EMA , VWAP and SuperTrend Enabled by Default
- SMA Colored in Orange
- EMA Colored in Red
- EMA Colored in Teal
- SuperTrend Colored in standard Red & Green with triangle arrows
- Any combinations can be selected from settings-> Inputs & style
Release Notes: Corrected EMA
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