Spartan Trade Master 1.0

Dear Traders/investors,
Make use of the Trade setup for intraday/Scalping/Swing Trading using Pivot Points , Along with CPR , EMA And Zone confirmation.

Advantages and Top Features:
-> CPR
-> Camarilla and standard Pivot Points
-> 20/50/100/200 EMA
-> Boring Candle
-> Next Day CPR & Camarilla
-> Multi Timeframe Analysis Using single chart
-> Previous Day High And Low
-> Supply and Demand Zones Based on Timeframes

How to Use?

Camarilla Trade Setup:
Green Zone: Reversal Buy Zone
Red Zone: Reversal Sell Zone

CPR Trade Setup:
1. Narrow CPR indicates Trending market
2. Wide CPR indicates sideways market

CPR + Camarilla confirmation:
Whenever there is a Narrow CPR we need to look for Breakout Trades.
Whenever there is a Wide CPR we need to look for Reversal Trade.

EMA : Exponential moving average tries to reduce confusion and noise of everyday price action.

Boring candle: Helps to identify any explosive or non-explosive moves, during marking of demand and supply zones.
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