SAR number based on a formula containing combination of moving averages
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how to trade this indicator ? please explain..........
hello gvk952..sorry for late reply...JNSAR is a number developed by Mr Van Ilango using several EMAs...the number acts as an indicator to a change of trend...when nifty of any other scrip trades above JNSAR, go long in futures with 2 or more lots...keep booking partial profit according to strength of trend indicated by stochastics and/or MACD..when prices move below the JNSAR, reverse the position in remaing lots..and follow the same process...sometimes it may happen that prices move frequently up and down living trader in loss under expenses of brokerages and taxes...to avoid this keep filter of about 0.5% of price to reverse the position during the 2 days of trend reversal..hope this explains..thanks for your interest..also you may search JNSAR in google for more details and easier explainations..
gvk952 Chirayu1981
@Chirayu1981, thx man ! will google it
Good indicator