Williams %R + RSI + EMA - [Silver-Wong]

Williams %R + EMA + RSI

Un seul indicateur avec :
- William %R
- Une ligne médiane
- Les étiquettes des indicateurs
Release Notes: Williams% R + RSI + EMA

A single simple and clear indicator, including:

- Williams% R
- 3 bands (lower, upper and medium)
- 3 labels to quickly see which indicator it is.

You can choose the source of the EMA: Williams% R or RSI.
The Williams% R is set on the same scale as that of the RSI.
All these functionalities or configurable.
Release Notes: - Possibility to calculate the EMA on the average of the RSI and Willy's

- New features, you can show on the background the trend of the current price, based on the crossing of Hichimoku Tenkan/Kijun, or EMA/EMA, or (Tenkan/Kijun)/(EMA/EMA)
You can mix the background or split it
Release Notes: New background added : 3 zones
Possibility to modify lines
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