FibBand, Perfect Trendline Trader and Target System

So, Dear Friends, I am open-sourcing one of my scripts which I created as a thesis project,
The Auto Trader System is a Scalping Tool, to be used mostly in intraday Setups!!
and is designed using,

1. Fibonacci Bands
Fibo Bands are Calculated by defining dynamic Fibonacci Pivots Lines over a history of Lookup values (Default is 89 periods lookback),
The bands help in identifying the Target Points for the setup

2. Perfect TrendLine Setup
The script uses PTS, as a filter to define the optimum entry and exit points

Which timeframe it works for ?
Works for Any Time Frame, but Intraday setups are good!

Who is this System for ?
Beginner and Intermediate Traders

Provision For Alerts
The Script has provision for both long and short alerts!!


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