Panchang Time

//This indicator is required in NimblrTA and can be used to define timeslots for the trend confirmation

study("Panchang Time", overlay=true)
timeinrange(res, sess) => time(res, sess) != 0
premarket = #C0C0C0
regular = #0000FF
regularslot2 = #00CCFF
postmarket = #5000FF
notrading = na
sessioncolor = timeinrange("30", "0915-0930") ? premarket : timeinrange("30", "0915-0930") ? regular : timeinrange("30", "0931-1200") ? regularslot2 : timeinrange("30", "1201-1305") ? postmarket : notrading
bgcolor(sessioncolor, transp=90)
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Thanks for creating Nimblr scripts.
Please could you share how to interpret this tool

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krishnakhanna trendy99999
@trendy99999, You can follow on twitter, we discuss regularly on understanding the concept
trendy99999 krishnakhanna
@krishnakhanna, Yes, I do follow you and Nimblr but couldn't get this info, may be need to dig in further. :-)

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