Trendshikari PTS V1.0

TrendShikari PTS is a world class mechanical trading system with consistent accuracy and great profitability across varied financial instruments and markets. Turn your browser in to a top notch financial analyzer using TrendShikari PTS running on awsome charts from TradingView. Access to this system will be limited. See my profile signature field to see how you can gain access.

Salient Features

1. Daily Bar System. System analyzes daily close prices to generate signals. Trades can be entered next day at market open. No need to remain glued on to the PC or Mobile to make money any more keeping aside all your other fun work at bay.

2. Consistent Accuracy - Almost all instruments on testing gave accuracy in the range of 60-70% and that you may know is not easy to do with diverse instruments from diverse markets exhibiting diverse price patterns. When a system gives that kind of consistency, you can be rest assured of its reliability, well in to the future.

3. Automatic Buy / Sell / Short / Cover signal generation. No need to draw waves / lines and other fancy stuff on your charts to analyze instruments any more.

4. Backtester Results Available - Thanks to TradingView, backtest results (multiple backtest options available) for previous years are available right in the charting platform for any instrument you choose. No need to worry anymore that the indicator(s) that you picked from hundreds of them available out there like bands, averages, oscillators, levels etc is not going to work.

5. Pyramiding Strategy - System gives additional signals during the course of a trade to add positions over your existing positions, helping to reduce the entry price and increase the profit potential.

6. Best feature of this system is in my profile signature field. Check that out.

Having a good trading system is one thing and trading it to make money is a whole different ball game. One thing you must always do if you want to mimic the backtest results in live trading is to follow the rules mentioned below as if your life depends on it.

Trading Rules

1. Trade the signal @ market price @ market open, the very next day, after the system generates a signal, in the direction of the signal (@Buy or @Sell or @Short or @Cover). Add 1 position each in the direction of your trade when you get an @Add signal. The maximum level of such pyramiding needs to be determined from backtesting the instrument(s) you plan to trade. You should ideally start with 1 position and increment it to a level where the ratio of you net profit to max draw down is the lowest.

2. Trade in futures of all instruments as its movements are directly correlated 1:1 to the underlying. Also being a derivative allows you to go both long and short which you cannot do if you trading directly on the underlying like stocks.

3. Trade all signals. Don't pick and choose or add your own or someone else's analysis to filter the signals. Too many drivers will crash the car. Take confidence from the objective backtest results and not any subjective interpretations.

4. Trade with only that amount of money you can afford to loose. Initial capital that you need to have to trade one lot of any instrument should be atleast - (Margin Money required to take and hold 1 lot position + avg . loss * max consecutive loss)*1.2. Be prepared to add more if need be, but the above formula will give a rough idea of what you need to have to start trading and be in the game always.

As always your thoughts and inputs are welcome. Happy Trading !!!

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