Opening Range Breakout with Price Targets

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Just publishing a version of the script amitgandhinz already created, which is amazing.

  • Added fib levels that amitgandhinz already started but commented out
  • Added mid point that is often found effective as a starting point, SL, etc
Release Notes:
  • Added session range input
  • Added session timezone input
  • Added ability to shorted displayed labels
  • Added option to restrict display of orb box, levels and labels to RTH
  • Began code refactoring to ease maintenance

Caveats to some of the changes are that pinescript input management doesn't provide selection of known timezones so care must be taken, range session input doesn't provide discrete length display (5, 15, 30, etc) so I've removed this (shouldn't be needed anyways if user knows the configuration).
Release Notes:
  • Added 24x7 market support (thanks to timthegoat1 for the suggestion and code patch)
  • Added 150% and -150% for non-fib levels, these will mostly come in handy for crypto, exploring other options to allow most customizations
Release Notes:
  • Added support for opening range timeframes that overlap pre-market from comment feedback.

@tradeseekers (YouTube, Twitter)
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