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Hello Friends,
Here is one more very simple to use LongBuyLongSellIndicator for trading. Details are given above in the chart.Happy trading.
This indicator can be used for very long term trading in any time frame. This is designed to avoid many noise in between the trade.

This indicator does not require any additional indicator setup ;as like traders do in price action trading ,just need to follow the colors for trading .

Always remember Black to Blue transition BUY (or cover the short position)
Blue to Black transition SELL(or cover the buy position)
Do not trade in the middle and ignore other colors if appear in the chart

Other Indicator that may be useful:

Access is through invite only
Release Notes:
LongBuyLongSellIndicator Updated for smooth Buy and Sell Representation :Now follow the line graph and the color change for the buy and sell entry;Example of one script is posted in comments section please check for more details.

Only two rules and very simple to use
BUY or short cover When ?
if the Blue BAR appears and line cross from above to below in the current candle

SHORT or SELL cover when ?
If the Black BAR appears and line crosses below to above in the current candle

Can be applied in any time frame. Back-tested accuracy is 90%

The advantage of this indicator ,This will avoid all noise and provide best entry and exit for both BUY /SELL or short/short cover orders. This is the magical indicator can be used in any script and in any market.
Release Notes:
Minor issue fix in this version .Next Pro Version will have more added features.

Use the Strength meter numbers displayed in the chart to take right entry of Long and short calls.This is very very important to be successful.
Google "LongBuyLongSell" 6min video explaining everything in 1080p format there.
HAPPY Trading.

Like ,Comment the idea and support us.
Release Notes:
Customized Alert:
1.Alert Set by user for Candle Color change (Transition Color) Red to Green or Blue to Black vice versa
2.Alert Set by user for Background color change Red to Green or Green to Red
3.Alert set by user for StrengthMeters if the 1 2 3 (P+ D+ / P- D-) and Up/Dn Likely combination is greater than 4 and lined up within two candles.
4. User-friendly Format/Setting changes and Color change option in "Style" area.
5. Single Setup for all Candle,OHLC,Point and Figure,Line-break,Renko,Range,Heikin Ashi chart,Parameter customization for Background Setting

Note : User can use this for Manual Trading /Not automated for BOT trading. Results are Manually testable only. Back-test only Manual.

If you like the script and if this useful like comment share.
Release Notes:
Updated Version for AUTO Trade BOT settings.
BITMEX ,OANDA,Deribit tested version.

Contact me for BOT Syntax.
Release Notes:
  • New Accuracy Improved Alert Capabilities Added,
    AutoTrade capability for Deribit ,Bitmex added (only alert support from this script
    Be a Pro Plus member to do auto trade
    Minimum 4 alert setting must be done to do buy and short and buy cover and short cover.

1. Combined Strengthmeters, Candle Color, BackGround Color to trigger AUTO BOT trading alerts.
2. Minor Bug ,Major Enhancement of the Code

How to Use this for AutoTrade:(Alert Settings)
Buy Entry : Use the Alert D_BotSureShotBuy.... (Syntax must be only for Buy and SL)
Buy Entry Close : Use the B_LBLS_RED_BackGroundShort (Syntax must be for only closing Long position)

Short :Use the D_BotSureShotSell (Syntax must be only for Short entry)
Short EntryClose : Use the B_LBLS_BackGroundLong(Syntax must be only for closing short only,do not close all position)
Release Notes:
AutoTrade from 15min timeframe improvements.

1. Strengthmeters prediction
2. Candle early prediction for Auto Trades.
3. AutoBot trade Syntax updates.

No Repaint No Repaint on the closed candles. Better improvement for trade accuracy in Bot Trading.
Note : This script is only to be used with caution ,Any loss or profit you make using this script ,Author not responsible .As the trade market involves risks.

Sureshot Buy and Short AutoTrades.
BackGround Changes based AutoTrades.

Alerts Added for buy short and for cover order.

Follow my ideas posted in my idea page using LBLS LongBuyLongSellIndicator
Release Notes:
Minor Update for the Bot Trades Syntax and Alerts for better accuracy.
Release Notes:
Script Updated for better accurate AutoTrade BotTrading Syntax. Noise and False signal reduction.
Release Notes:
Minor Updates on the Candle and Background !
Release Notes:
Script has been updated to the latest version of the pine script.
Release Notes:
LongBuyLongSellIndicator - Strengthmeter overlap issue Fixed.
Release Notes:
InfoPanel changes;
Release Notes:
Colors Update .
Release Notes:
Info Panel Added to give overview of Long and Short Candles. Note INFO Panel is only indicative.

LBLS(A LongBuyLongSellIndicator Alert Version) V1.17 Version Update.

User Can Disable the Info Panel, Move the Info Panel Left to Right ,Right to Left .

In the Settings of the indicator locate "Label" and change the settings to get optimal view .
Release Notes:
  • Info Panel Volume Sign Update
    Long or Short Sign Approaching information ,
    Ability to predict Short or Long few candle in advance addition in INFO panel.
THIS IS ALERT version Indicator.
Release Notes:
Advanced Long and Short Candle Prediction and ALERTS updated.
This will help for AUTO Trading using the Inbuilt Alerts.
Release Notes:
🥀 V1.20 Important Fix 🥀
🌿 Alert condition on "Once per Bar" selection now trigger the Alert once in the candle.
🍎 This gives greater flexibility to set alert as "Once per Bar" and not "Once per Bar Close"
🍋 Multiple trigger of ALERT within the candle in the same direction is now Fixed. We get only one alert in one candle for Long/Short.Multiple False ALERT trigger not come .It is Fixed now.
Release Notes:
Once Per Bar Alert for Long Candle
Once Per Bar Alert for Short Candle. New Alerts added.
(In a candle only one time alert will be triggered based on the Long/Short)
This will help AUTO TRADE using BOT.
Release Notes:
In the Indicator ,Option added to display the Strengthmeters (V1.22)
1. Each Strenghmeter (1,2,3,P,D,Up/Dn) can be displayed (or)
2. Display Strenthmeter only if count of each (1,2,3,3,P,D ,Up/Dn) comes to 4 and above.
3. LBLS Top ,LBLS Bottom based on Candle Color Alert Added (Refer the prefix E_ alerts for this)
Release Notes:
LBLS V1.24
Minor Bug Fix on the Alert Condition added.No much changes from last release apart from this one.
Release Notes:
Minor update to fix a bug .No change much.
Release Notes:
Info panel update.
Release Notes:
Version 1.26 Update
  • color setting issues ,transp warnings fixed
    tooltip information added
    Grouping of settings updated
    Updated the code to Version 5 ;adapted changes from V4 to V5
    Minor Bug Fix only- No additional changes added.
Release Notes:
Minor Alert Fix V1.26
Release Notes:
  • Updated Take Profit and Stop loss plotting on Entry criteria ,
    This will help to decide optimal best Stoploss and Take profit ranges.
    Also this will help to decide best Risk and Reward ratio for each instrument.
    Tradingview Replay feature will be helpful to backtest on this changes.
  • Existing logic of this Indicator not changed , Added only Take Profit levels ,and Stoploss levels.
  • The plotting of Take profit ,Stop loss levels can be enabled or disabled in indicator settings.
Release Notes:
V1.28 Release.
  • Alerts and Alert condition updated to send Entry ,Take Profit, Stop loss price details to Webhooks to automate Trading.
    Supports all instruments/Ticker/Market supported by Trading view.
    Try with Crypto, Forex, Index, Commodity all charts that supported in TV platform.
Release Notes:
  • V1.29 Advanced Sell Entry update added ,Fixed Any Alert Function Formats.

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