Buy and Entry Signals - Beats Buy and Hold!!

Strategy using several indicators and some custom scripts to signal buy and entry zone for cryptocurrencies.

By design (and requirements) - this strategy tries to capture big market moves while most times - it just tries to avoid losing money when the market is moving sideways or even in a downtrend.

You will see a large number of trades that lose - several whipsaws that cant be removed, I think. But, eventually, the strategy works out to keep rising up the capital.

In rare cases, specially in crypto like XRP (that move really really big), this strategy may capture large downward move but still performs better than BnH.

You can request access, and I will try my best to provide that to you.

Let me know if you see any weird behaviour.
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@NikhilGuptab4 Hi, I can help verify your script works, if you can allow me to grant access :)
may i have access please

Hi, Could you get me access, please?
Thanks in advance.
Добрый день.

Прошу предоставить доступ. Спасибо.
Would you mind sharing? Thanks in advance.
Could you get me access... thanks!
please grant me access thank you.
Please Grant me access Thanks
Hi Bro! Could you get me access, please? Ty :)
Hey buddy, would love to try this out if you can grant me access.. If not keep up the great work and thank you for your contribution
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