SB SS Indicator

Built this to help me identify short squeeze opportunities. Meant to be used on daily chart , but can be used on lower time frame for earlier visual alerts.

Its based on shares outstanding and volume . It calculates how much days it took to trade the entire shares outstanding.

The green bars are how many actual days it took to trade the entire shares outstanding.
The purple bars is the current days volume with calculations to determine how many days it would take to trade the shares outstanding at that volume .

The lower the green/purple bars the better. Where there is a black background, both green/purple bars are below the lookback period. Default lookback period for alert is 10 days. If a stock trades the entire shares outstanding in less than 10 days, a black background appears.
Release Notes: Added tables to make it easier to see how many days (bars) are needed for a full turnover of shares.
Release Notes: Converted main script into a function. Added MTF functionality so it can be used on lower time frames and display daily information in the table.
Release Notes: Updated Chart
Release Notes: Added transparency to the green columns so purple can be seen better and a black plot line to display a clear separation
Release Notes: Found inconsistent/incorrect/outdated data in the financial() function here on TradingView. Grossly underestimated outstanding shares in recently merged spacs like FSR and Lucid Motors. I provided the option to override. You only have to fill in one of the two settings for it to override what provided by TradingView with data you can find publicly or through SEC filings.
Release Notes: Added an option for you to manually input percent of the float short (do your own research to get the value) which reduces the float and/or outstanding shares which reduces the turnover times.
Release Notes: Made some minor visual changes to the tables.
Release Notes: Updated Title and changed table formatting so it auto adjust width on smaller screens.
Release Notes: Changed background colors.
Release Notes: Added option for user to select which calculation to be used, shares outstanding or float.
Release Notes: Added short volume information from quandl. Information is overlayed original indicator as a plot.style_area in purple.
Release Notes: Fixed chart to abide by community guidelines (only 1 indicator per chart)
Release Notes: Updated algo for Short Volume
Release Notes: Modified calculations for short volume to pull data from both NYSE and NASDAQ.

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