(NKC) MTF Squeeze Pro

MultiTimeframe Squeeze Momentum Pro
Dots indicate squeeze
Fills indicate momentum

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Awesome job! Could you please provide an explanation for various colors of the dots and red/ green background of dots. I'm sure I will figure it out eventually myself, but an explanation would really help. Thanks!!
Only works on that time frame. When you switch the timeframe on chart, doesn't work for timeframes other than the one on the chart.
Thank you for the efforts and highly helpful indicator. Need one help. It's very difficult to differentiate between Time Frames. Although I attempted to compare the code of to make similar look and feel. But it is not working. If possible, when you get sometime please help what changes required to make the above look and feel. Your indicator is dynamic and offer flexibility to choose TF and thus wish I am able to get the above look and feel to try out. Thanks once again and appreciate the efforts put and open mind to share to the community.
Love this script! Any way to enable alers for color changeS?