ADX + BB %B + AO + EMA by @DaviddTech

This trading strategy combines different indicators:
1) ADX , Average Directional Movement to make sure we are in a trend.
2) BB %B Bollinger Band %B: to spots relative price position to Bollinger Bands
3) AO Awesome Oscillator for momentum - you will need to configure this to fit the pair.
4) EMA 5, EMA 21, EMA 50, EMA 200: crossovers to get our entry short or long & trend direction

This script was inspired by TraderPro - Crazy 78% Win Rate Proven Trading Strategy Revealed - ADX + BB %B + AO + EMA

My settings are pretty much as default.
- I have added a 10,000 USD default
- 7% of portfolio is used to create the results.
You can of course optimize all of this in the settings.
- For purpose educate only
- Plots EMAs and other values on chart.
- This script to change bars colors.
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Hello ?
the older version of the script had 3 profit targets ? could u please uppload the older version agine i really need it
what happend to the older version it was having such more high winner rating `?