Average Daily Range High Low

This version uses Pine Script v4 line objects which has a limit of 50 bars.
Release Notes: This version displays the average range on the upper line. If "Display average range as forex pips?" is enabled, the range value will be shown in pips.
Release Notes: Update parameter names
Release Notes: Fixed bug in yearly ADR. Thanks to @kiero!
Release Notes: Use the new arrays feature to track how many ADR to show
Release Notes: Add line color inputs
Release Notes: Fixed label alignment issue
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Thank you @sherwind
In this example, don't you think that the ADR-high calculation should be done from the low of the day (yellow arrow)? Currently it is done from the open and/or simply shows the high of the day. Or I'm missing something?
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kiero kiero
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excuse me, the yearly doesn't plot correctly
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Any chance you could make so we can change the colours please? It frequently gets lost in my existing colour scheme
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Hi Sherwind, i was using the previous version , but found that weekly and monthly levels mover as time progressed, is this supposed to happen, does the indicator update at each close?
Really like the clarity of this indicator and use it alot. Is it difficult to adjust to show a line at the 75%, 50% of the 5D ADR High and Low?