Greetings Mates,

!!! If you want to use this tool for free you have to to following steps:

1) say thanks to LEGION who coded the first version.
2) say thanks to LAZYBEAR cause we ripped some code snippets from him.
3) say thanks to Ni6HTH4wK who coded the latest version.
4) say thanks to xSilas who gave the idea.

5) I know i said its a FREE Tool and you dont need to donate me cause i have Godmode :), but lets have a litte thought on all the people that are a bit poorer than us. It would be really great if we get some DOLLARS for a great charity action for children.

6) Feel free to spend some Bitcoins to this Address: 1BNjs1Prsux8YQawVWYfiYoxzoKzfReckX
(i start and going to spend 1 BTC ) (! the spended amount is revealed at the end!)

7) If you know said thankyou to everybody and may spend some dollars we can go on with Godmode trading.

8) Enjoy the Tool, merry Xmas and cheers for another great volatile bitcoin year :).


Godmode How To:

1) Spikey Pattern ^
Godmode spikes with 0-5 caution dots, great OTE Signal.

2) Snake Pattern ~
extreme pressure building, more movement
in same direction following.

3) Rounding Pattern U
more than 5 caution dots, rounding
pressure building "normally" more to come
Release Notes: Houbi fix
Release Notes: Houbi fix
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What does OTE stand for, I wonder who introduced that Idea to you guys....lol
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@CRInvestor, Open Trade Equity I believe
thank you all!
Great work guys!! thank you
The greatest of them all!
Well, for history sake. Let me leave a comment here, thnx for the amazing work bud :-)
awesome script thanks @xSilas
Awesome.. didnt get it to work yet. But will keep trying.
Hi guys. I assume that you created this oscillator for Bitcoin-currency exchanges. Instead of using currency exchange values; how can I try using this oscillator for common stocks? It seems that this oscillator also work for stocks, but with less precision.
I want to get signals by matching the stock of my interest to the movements of SP500, EURUSD and NAS100? How do I make that change in lines 11 and 12? Is it possible?
Thanks in advance.