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Higher Close alert --

This script allows you to set a alert if the next close is higher than the candle close from before. It will notify you if the next candle is higher than the last candle! It is very easy to use, Steps :-
1. Add the script to your chart.
2. Select the name of the script in the "Alerts" option.
3. Done!
Now when a stock gives a higher close than before, you will be notified with a message: "Higher Close Detected in (stock)".

Lower Close alert --
If the next candle gives a lower close than the candle before, it will send a alert with a message: "Lower Close Detected in (stock)".
If you don't have the paid account, you can only close option from the two: Higher or Lower.
if paid, then you can set as many alerts as you want!
Release Notes:

Release Notes: Added: Highest High line: Shows the highest candle in the lookback period.
Lowest Low line: Shows the lowest candle in the lookback period.

• The lookback period can be customised in the settings option of the script.
• It could be enabled and disabled anytime.
Release Notes: Cleaned the code a bit.
Added: A customizable background color on profit or loss.
Tweaked the higher & lower close in alert condtions.
Release Notes: Added some titles for better understanding in settings menu of this script.
Release Notes: Tweaked some stuff.
Release Notes: • Edited the codes.
• Tweaked the 50 and 100 bars line.
Release Notes: • Made the code easier to read and added new UI in settings!
Release Notes: • Removed: higher and lower closes
• Added: Double Bottom and Double Top Alerts
Release Notes: • Edited the study and short-title of the script.
Release Notes: removed double top option.
changed the EMA from 50 to 20
Release Notes: • Tweaked the code.
• added RSI trade alert instead of Double Top/Bottom.
• Some bugs in the previous code.
Release Notes: removed input with RSI...
new user input: - candle stick pattern
Release Notes: changed the title..
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