Intraday Bar's Prices Info

* Intraday Bar's Prices Info display all prices type of a bar intraday and highlight Price Zone on Chart.
* These informations may useful for place Pending Order at exact price level.
* This simple script can show info of 2 bars at one time and setup as below:
1. GMT: default is GMT+7 and adjustable
2. Time setting: Date - Month - Year - Hours - Minutes - Seconds
3. Color setting: Can adjust color for each bar
Release Notes: Update box.delete at line 50 and line 97
Release Notes: * Update Table Colors Setting.
* Note for Highlight Bar not intraday time frame (D,W,Mn...):
1. Change Script's Timezone to Chart's Timezone (Exchange Timezone).
2. Input Hour : Minute : Second as 0 : 0 : 0
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