Smart Money Flow v.2.0 BY Stock_Inshots

This Indicator is made by combination of indicators as follows

1) Super Trend - Period 15,2.5
Signal Filtered on the closing basis of SMA High 20 for strength

2) Simple Moving Average - period 50
In which Purple indicates Uptrend
Orange Indicates down trend

3) Bill William's Fractal - This indicator indicates important candle for formation of swing of High or low with Triangle shape at the bottom & top on the chart .
After Signal one can wait for fractal candle formation also for Big risk reward Ration

Buy Setup : After signal Try to place long order near Sma50
Sell Setup : After signal Try to place Short order near Sma50
If missed wait for next Signal , Don't Run behind Price

Keep Trailing Your Stop loss with ATR Values
Note : Nothing is 100% , You may customize this indicator according to your values .

Best to use with other momentum / strength indicator before taking positions
Like RSI / Support & Resistance Levels
For Targets use BB% levels / Pivot Points / Fibonacci levels / Nearest Demand & Supply Zone

Thanks to the Trading view as i used open Source Codes in combination of this indicator. it helped a lot .
Feedback will be welcomed .
Refer Image
Release Notes:
For a quick idea this update will add auto support & resistance zones in any time frame .which will help for profit booking or to avoid Stop loss.
One may remove labels & lines in settings , just untick it in bottom of style section
Release Notes: Hello Everyone,
thank you for your love and feedback,
based on feedback i have added Bollinger Bank as lots of traders love this indicator for intraday as well positional with there own entry exit rules ,along with smart money flow gives the right entry point with unseen things clear like side ways, Bollinger Squeezed patterns / breakout of upper & lower band .
Good news i added this with transparency of 70 % so it won't make chart meshed up , help to keep clean chart as well.
Now hope you all enjoying before version of this indicator, New version will help & increase your accuracy.
Hope you all know the entry & exit Conditions well known from previous charts
Happy Trading .
will be happy to hear you .
if one need more detailed entry & exit Ping me on telegram @ stock_inshot
Release Notes: Hello everyone,
Thanks a lot for your love to my script.
on public demand i have chosen to add Auto daily Fibonacci pivot points ..
so hope you like and share with your traders family.
it may help you to book profits or exit the trade as per your trading style.
miner change in signal filtration, help to generate less signals .

Rest Entry & Exit rules will be same as it works best with pull back. maintains Risk Reward Ration very well with pull back strategy.
Hope you love the work.
will be happy to have feedback in comment or directly to my telegram channel @Stock_Inshot
Thank You
Release Notes: Hello everyone.
here it comes All new Version
I got some request to add & remove some of the studies to make it more simple & accurate .
So after study ,I decided to add one more higher period ATR for trend confirmation.
so now if Higher trend is in down and we get buy signal will wait for more confirmations.
I added VWap with oscillator . it will help you to understand the bull/bear/sideways markets as followes
Yellow Vwap - Gapup-gapdown / side ways
Red Vwap - Downtrend
blue Vwap - Uptrend.

So , Now new buy /sell setup will be as follows :
Buy setup -
1.Buy signal
2.The major trend should be in Up
3.VWAP should be Blue in color
4. wait for Pull back for best Risk to Reward with Fractol Confirmation in blue triangle on pullback, Go Long

Sell Setup-
1. Sell signal
2. Major trend should be in down trend
3. Vwap should be red
4. wait for retest as swing high you will get a yellow tringle fractol confirmation on that swing , Go short

Stop Loss & Targets can be demand & supply zones .

Hope you will love this ver. if any error let me know or if you wish add ons let me know will bring it soon .

Thank You for love & Support .
Release Notes: Important Update for use in Intraday .

I felt SMMA 35 plays a very important part in this indicator , So i added it back.
further added 2 auto Harmonic patterns. it will be labled on chart with Cypher & Gartley .
This will help you to improve accuracy .
Lasty i would like to tell you as trend is your friend be with trend
Note : In this financial market there is nothing 100% sure.
I have personally backtested these codes in Strategy it gives 51% appx accuracy in AUTO mode .
Hope this is good enough to make money with risk managment -
I preffer 1:2 Risk Reward .
its a tool for trend analysis not to take trades on every signal.
Profit or Loss both is yours .

Thank You
Release Notes: Roll back Version
I have removed the chart patterns plotted as it was meshed up with chart price & setups

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