PriceCatch Breakout Signals IO

Hi TradingView Community.

Here is a script that identifies and marks two different breakout levels on the chart. It works on all instruments - equities, forex, crypto & commodities .

  • Probable Breakout Buy Level
  • Stop-Reverse Buy Level

The above chart is self-explanatory. The script uses two different formulas to look out for breakouts. This logic opens up more opportunities.
As the levels are marked in advance before the breakouts occur, it will give traders ample time to study further and plan the trade.

After taking the trade, to play safe, I follow this method that once the Low of the price goes above the Breakout Level, I usually shift the stop loss to buy price to protect against any sudden reversal. For me protecting capital is important. As usual with price action, longer time-frames produce more reliable signals.

While the initial stop level is suggested, traders may also use the ATR to set stop loss. Users may find my free script 'ATR value on Chart' useful.

You may use this script in addition to your other indicators or independently. Please remember that the script is shared with absolutely no assurances and warranties whatsoever regarding usability and as a responsible trader, please satisfy yourselves thoroughly and use it only if you are convinced it works for you. Remember, you are 100% responsible for your actions. If you understand and accept that, you may use the script. The script does not identify any short signals.

Please PM me.

Regards to all and wish everyone all the best with trading.

The set up is the Edge!
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