Stage Analysis

This indicator helps in identification of stage cycle of a stock. Only to be analysed on Weekly and Daily timeframe .

  • Stage 1 - Accumulation phase of a stock
  • Stage 2 - Uptrend phase
  • Stage 3 - Distribution phase
  • Stage 4 - Downtrend

As shown in the chart, each stock go through its stage cycle. Below points confirms the uptrend of a stock
This will give idea of when to buy a stock
  • Wait for first green label up bar to appear which is confirmation for stage 1 completion
  • Another green label appears which will indicate stage 2 is starting
  • Finally yellow label up appears which confirms the stage 2 uptrend

Once the yellow bar appears, Wait for a base to be formed then go for buy.

credits: Inspired from @BigBitsIO tutorials and @finallynitin

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