Nifty Options Algo Strategy

Using pinescript, we will use charts of Cash/Future to trade in Options. Note this strategy works good with even free version of TradingView.

The Relative Strength Index ( RSI ). Is a momentum oscillator that measures the speed and change of price movements. The RSI oscillates between zero and 100. Increasing Rsi shows increasing bullish momentum. Decreasing Rsi shows increasing bearish momentum. We take RSI upper bound as 80 to indicate bullish momentum and RSI lower bound as 20 to indicate bearish momentum.

We use the above premise to create options buy-only strategy which trades in ATM strikes by default. This strategy requires very less margin (Minimum Rs . 15000).

Since this strategy uses underlying data (cash/future) to place trades in Options, please ignore the backtest of this strategy given by tradingview. TradingView does not provide options data but this strategy bypass it.
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How to do settings in Fyers API Bridge symbol setting. Plz guide.
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namwal gbsidh
more guidance is needed to use it ... please respond
Not Working. The signal is not Send LE/LX/SE/SX. Please Check
sir we can set bnf options with supertrend we can modify this stratgy &we have fyers account how to set it plz give me replay and guide me thanku advance
hi i want to create an algo can u help me