Session Tick-Box

The "Session Tick-Box" is designed to display session-related information on the chart (HIGH/LOW box). Here's a breakdown of its features and functionalities:

Session Settings:
You can specify different sessions such as the Cash Session, Asian Session, European Session, and Offset Session using the input.session() function.
The sat.session_tick() function is used to calculate the low, high, fill color, open bar status, and session open status for each session.
Display Settings:
You have the option to show a new daily session using the separateDays input. The background color for the new session can be customized using the Day_Bg input.
The colorDays input allows you to enable or disable coloring the background based on different days of the week.
You can customize the colors for the Cash, Asian, European, and Offset sessions using the respective color inputs.
Other Features:
The indicator calculates the percentage change between the low and high of each session using the sat.AbsPercentChange() function.
Labels are added to mark the high and low points of the sessions.
A vertical line is drawn between the low and high points of each session using the function.
The fill() function is used to create a shaded area between the low and high lines of each session.
Overall, the "Session Tick-Box" indicator provides visual representation and analysis of different sessions on the chart, including their respective ranges and percentage changes.

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