Cryptos Relative Strength Oscillator

This is an oscillator made of biggest 40 cryptocurrency/USDT pairs.
* It shows relative strength and change of crypto market during certain time on given interval.
* The tool has a bunch of data put together into one oscillator:
* top and bottom lines are made of 3 strongest and 3 weakest crypto pairs (out of 40 )
* has visible names of that pairs for several candles back (it cannot show more due to TV's Pine limitations)
* in settings you can set up 2 methods of calculations:
1) % change from SMA of price, default is SMA 5
2) % changes from x-candles back, to see that change from the last candle please turn of 'Moving Average' and set up 'Bars Back' to 1
* you can change source to close/ hl2 /ohlc2/etc

Notice 1:
- to have nicer visibility of whole oscillator make it bigger part of whole screen then you normally use for other oscillators

Notice 2:
- scroll your mouse to widen the horizontal axis, so names of certain crypto pairs will be more readable

Notice 3:
- script has 40 Pine security functions (to gather all the data from all pairs) so it can load up to several seconds
- also every change in settings will possibly result in longer loading time

ps. This script is invite-only for the members of our trading group (info in signature, group is free of charge).

We are group of mostly Polish traders but welcome everyone to join our Discord crypto&fx group: ChartInsiders.com
- https://discord.gg/dWaU2rS
My Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/Crypto_Investor
Invite-only script

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Script is for members of our free-of-charge trading group (info in my signature or at the bottom of script description).

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