[A618] Liquidity Tracker and Iceberg Detector V2 Pro

We all know markets and market makers work over liquidity concepts, Liquidity is what makes market cyclic and drives it!
The aim of this experimental Indicator is to identify the liquidation points and levels where the big players are actually playing.
When you’re trading financial markets, liquidity needs to be considered before every position is opened or closed. This is because a lack and increase of liquidity is often associated with increased risk.
You need to be able to put probabilities in your favour, understanding liquidity levels in the market is always a good to know thing for one to judge / estimate whether the market is behaving according to the analysis or not.

How Can you Get this Indicator
Just send me up a private message, (Please use comment box only for constructive comments, and community improvement)

What are icebergs
If you see the DOM data, you will see lots of orders on both side (buyers/sellers), Its just the tip of the iceberg that we are able to see in the order flow, the aim of the iceberg detection concept over here is to estimate when a large order is executed and in what direction.

What is the Use of Trendlines
Trendlines basic configuration is 50 back pivot levels, you can also configure it to 20, 10 depending on how fast you wanna track things
Use trendlines to detect the icebergs happening above and below it conjure it with your study.

Provision for Alerts
You can configure alerts over iceberg detection

Which market it will work and on what timeframes

This indicator will work for any liquid market,
Stocks, forex, Bitcoins etc

Since the order flow dynamics remains pretty much the same everywhere,
For efficient utilisation, use these timeframes
15s, 30s, 1 min, 3 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1Hr

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Masters in Quantitative Finance,
University of London .

Algorithmic Trading Certifications
University of Oxford, Säid Business School .

Electronics and Communications Engineer at core .

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Hi, I'd like to access your indicator
200 coins
I would lie to use your indicator as Alert for my algo. Could you please let me know how to obtain it ? Thanks.
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Ankit_1618 ccp5353
@ccp5353, refresh your page and check your notifications, granted you access for a month
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@Ankit_1618, sir please grant me.. give me access.
I am glad to it
Good afternoon. Can I get access to your indicator for trading stocks on the MICEX?
Добрый день. Могу ли я получить доступ к Вашему индикатору для торговле акциями на ММВБ?
Hello, Could you give me access to it? Many thanks.
hello, Can you please grant me access
Hello, I'd like to access and test your indicator
Hello Mate, this is exactly what i am looking for to complete my trade style, nice job done. i would like to use your indicator, kindly grant me access