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hi wich time frame good
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virend539 SobishSoman
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Can you share the formula or settings .
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@paresh1234, it is just supertrend(lenth 1,factor 1) on 2hr time frame .
but rememberr it is a repainting indicator
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Super Fake indicator. For example It gives a short alert, and if the the stock goes up instead of down , it delete the previous short alert on the map, and on the operation list window. So all gain data viewed are FAKE....
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Rocketman Ursa_Major2019
@Ursa_Major2019, Maybe because you have to wait for the close of the day or hour or minute. If you do not wait for a close, then it will change.
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shrenik777 Ursa_Major2019
@Ursa_Major2019, it repaints and i m working on it, any suggestion so i can improve it for myself...(oscillator repaints it self with market movement)
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Rocketman shrenik777
@shrenik777, I thought only MT4 had this problem. I am still learning how to code.
Investohunk shrenik777
@shrenik777, did u fix it ?
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Hello sir
How can add alert of buy and sell in this indicator. Means I would like to get massage once generated sell or buy signal .
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