Buy and Sell Signals using EMA, Stochastic and Pivots

Buy and Sell Signals using EMA , Stochastic and Pivots

  • Programmed to best work for short-term strategies.
  • Less number of signals but more accurate.
  • Works best on the Hourly chart with Stocks in an uptrend.
  • Results are tested using an initial capital of 1000.

Disclosure: I have not tested it on many stocks. Hence, please let me know your feedback so I may improvise it.
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Hello , I have a doubt why i am not able to get sell signal .
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akimosi Sebastian_Castellanos
@Sebastian_Castellanos, the author advises to use for the stocks in uptrend, hence he might only considered cash market swing trades
You might consider the buy-exit signals as sell signals though.
Hey Bro pls let me know, how you generate Signals based on an Heiken Ashi Chart/Price and open positions, cause i always thought it's not possible.
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mmsrect Arnon2long
Hi @Arnon2long, for the script above I used a mix of multiple indicators at different points.

However, there are many indicators that we can use with Heiken Ashi. To stick to the basic, those candles by themselves suggest a trend or a swing.
What I do here is,
1) Let's say the chart here is an hourly chart. So I keep the ratio of 1:4, thus moving up to a 4 hour timeframe and check if the stock is in up or a down trend. But more importantly, I look for the lastest swing. Eg: Let's say that on the 4-hour chart, the stock is in a downtrend. But the latest swing is upwards.
2) Now I come back to the hourly chart with hopes of going long, if I can find more signals. ( I already have 2 signals here, one from the 4 hour chart and one looking at the color of the last few Heiken Ashi candles.)
3) I now use anything from Stochastic, to Crossovers, EMAs, etc to confirm the bullish nature. (Don't look for many indicators, just a 1 but a good 1 is enough)
4) Now just one last check and I am ready to buy, remember that the stock's main trend is bearish. And I am looking to buy against the trend. So I see if there is any consolidation/buildups. If there is, then I look for indicators like Relative Volatility index, etc and see that its not below 50. If it is, then sadly, I prefer to skip at this point and move to next stock.
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Wow u are a genius consider turning this to an iOS app
I’ll subscribe
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Ravi2409 demenelikgh
@demenelikgh, 8======D
did you see my big willy
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Should we use this strategy/indicator in Heikin Ashi charts?
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hey can i get the script
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akimosi ayoublahkim
@mmsrect yes could you please share the script, or make it public. I could automate the whole thing.
Здравствуйте. Прошу вашего разрешения для пользования скриптом.
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