D Indicators - Positional tool

*Presenting a perfect setup for Positional and Swing traders.

1) Slow and Fast Bands

# 3 fast and 3 slow, in total of 6 EMA bands are added to the indicator in order
to make accurate decisions and helping find out in which trend the price is.

Enter when price gives a breakout above or below all of the 6 bands.

2) Trend Indicators

# Total of 3 trend indicators are also included:

Trend Indicator 1 ---> It is a SMA (20) and its color changes based upon
Trend Indicator 2 ---> will be plotted at the bottom of the screen. Based upon RSI
Trend Indicator 3 ----> EHMA

Their color will be yellow whenever the market is sideways which will act
as a cautionary sign that in about next phase the price will be rangebound.

Use them as a helping hand, and check whether they show the same trend or not while you enter.

3) Support/Resistance lines

# On charts, this indicator is used to locate levels of support and resistance .
As a function, Targets and SL can be planned.
When a candle closes above the support/resistance line, the lines change
color automatically. It'll turn green.
If the price is below the sup, it will also change color to red.

4) High/Low

# Will mark the high/low of a particular swing so that, one can place the SL over there and enter.

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D Indicators
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