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TaaS stocks: Moving on up?

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Transportation as a Service – or TaaS – companies are reshaping how we get from A to B. TaaS is a relatively new phrase and may mean different things right now, but we mean it to be a transport company that makes money by providing a service that replaces your car. Basically ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft and car rental firms, which mean instead of having to own a car you can 'rent a ride' whenever you need it, or takeaway apps like DoorDash that mean you don't have to even bother with a drive-thru.

And while the industry was booming during the covid pandemic, will it continue as the world steps more outside? Will ridesharing continue to blossom or become restricted to big cities?

Here's our selection of the most well-known TaaS stocks out there at the moment, listed in the US and with a minimum market cap of $5bn. Remember, just because you can order it, doesn't mean your profits will turn up on time, so always Look first / Then leap.