What are the meanings behind each TradingView badge?

We offer four different badges, each telling you something different about a member. Let’s go through them each individually.


The red MOD badge is given to our moderators to clearly identify them among our members. This badge gives extra security to our members and clearly identifies who is a mod and who isn’t in case you have a question or need help. Members with this badge are official TradingView reps, so be sure to follow their guidance at all times.


The colored BROKER badge, either in blue, gold or silver, is given to broker accounts on TradingView. Members sporting this specific badge are official broker reps only. The broker page provides extended information on the Terms of Use and reviews from live-account owners. All brokers presented in your country can be found in our Brokers list.

Yellow TOP

The yellow TOP badge is given to anyone who earns the title of top author. The badge will appear on the user’s profile page and on any subsequent post, i.e. Idea, comment or chat message. This badge will not appear on our People Page, nor will it be visible on leaderboards or our homepage. This badge cannot be purchased and TradingView staff do not have a say in who gets one. This badge must be earned by engaging with the community and producing quality content. Each member occupying a spot on one of our four leaderboards (daily, weekly, monthly and/or all-time) has one for as long as their position on the leaderboards lasts. By hovering over the badge, users can identify which of the four leaderboards the badged user has conquered. There are six slots to receive this badge, which means that at any given time, six out of 24 TradingView members have a TOP badge. Usually around 10-15 users are TOP badge holders and they form a select group within our community. This badge does not give extra reputation points and it does not imply the holder is a top trader, rather they are a top author with unique and highly rated, intellectual ideas. The badge is purely recognition for the badge holder’s accomplishments and provides some extra exposure. Please note that each local TradingView version has its own individual list of top authors.

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Colored badges

Colored badges are given to any user with an upgraded plan beyond Basic, which include extra features. Basic plan holders do not have a colored badge. The badge comes in four colors:

  • Gray for free trial users;
  • Green for Pro plan holders;
  • Blue for Pro+plan holders; and
  • Orange for Premium plan holders.

Please note that this has nothing to do with an internal ranking system. These badges simply show that the user has bought an upgraded plan, which helps our community and our platform grow. Just because a user has a colored badge, it does not mean they are a professional trader.

Badge combinations

It is possible for members to have more than one badge at once. However, we only show one for organizational purposes. TOP badges, in this case, will always take precedence. Please keep in mind that this does not mean that TOP have a higher rating or are better than the others. By hovering over a badge, users can see the details of each badge a member holds. See the image below.