I have an account with one of CQG FCMs, but it does not work in TradingView

Your broker account should be set for trading in TradingView.

Please contact your broker and ask to enable trading in TradingView. The following CQG FCMs have already done so:

  • AMP Global Clearing;
  • Advantage Futures;
  • Dorman Trading;
  • Infinox; 
  • Mirus Futures;
  • Phillip Capital Inc.;
  • RJO'Brien;
  • Rosenthal Collins Group LLC;
  • Robbins Trading;
  • Straits Financial;
  • Tradovate;
  • Wedbush;
  • WH SelfInvest.

If your broker is not in this list, please contact them directly.

Also, make sure that your broker is related to CQG. For instance, Dorman accounts for NinjaTrader will not work in TradingView.