Live streams FAQ

Can we publish from broadcasting software like OBS, Streamlabs, and others?

Yes you can stream to TradingView with most external software tools. Create your stream and at set-up select External Streaming software. Finish the steps to your live stream and once completed you will be given the details you need including a stream key to begin live streaming.

Do we need a disclaimer or risk warning?

Be as clear as possible about what your stream covers. Be transparent in the title and description about what you’re showing whether it’s live trading or educational material. If you’re streaming as a brokerage, bank, or financial professional you may want to follow the guidelines of your company and include the necessary disclaimers.

Can I play music or show other videos or images on my live stream?

Yes you can build out a live stream that shows all kinds of things you’re looking at whether it’s charts, news articles or other forms of content. But please be aware that copyrighted material is not allowed. You should have the permission of everything that you share or talk about. We will remove streams that break these rules.

Can we advertise on the live stream?

Live streams were created to help the trading and investing community. We expect all live streamers to share valuable, entertaining or educational content rather than solicitations or advertisements. Live streams currently follow our existing House Rules:

Why are live streams in Beta? Will it improve?

Live streams are a new feature to TradingView and our team is building it with your feedback and usage in mind. We are improving the tool daily and it will be out of beta shortly. Please keep sending us feedback and pay attention to our updates as much as possible!

Can live streams be broadcast in other languages?

TradingView supports most languages and places around the world. If you plan to broadcast in English, please use our global english site. If you plan to broadcast in another language like Spanish or Japanese, please use our respective regional sites, for example: or

What instructions do I need to start live streaming?

When you sign up for live streaming you will get a welcome message in your TradingView private messages with some basic instructions. We also have a Help Center with various articles including this FAQ to help you get started:

Can live streams be boasted or shown more prominently on TradingView? 

The best way to create a popular live stream is to stream consistently. This will build up your following and increase your views over time. You can also invite your friends, use social media to share, and build up your TradingView profile to get more followers. Your followers get a notification whenever you go live! If you’re interested in other paid opportunities please reach out to our advertising team: