How in-app link handling works in TradingView Desktop

The TradingView Desktop app for Windows provides a more integrated user experience by allowing TradingView links to open directly within the app. When you click on a TradingView link from a messenger, email, or any other external source, it no longer redirects to your default browser. Instead, it opens directly in the Desktop app, streamlining your access to charts and ideas. By default, this feature is turned on for all users.

Opening TradingView links from the clipboard

Another option for opening TradingView links directly in the app is using the “Open link from clipboard” menu item. This can be particularly useful for macOS and Linux users, as the TradingView Desktop app versions for these operating systems do not have in-app link handling. However, it can also be helpful for the Windows app in certain scenarios. For detailed instructions on how to use this feature, please refer to our article on opening links from the clipboard.

How to disable in-app link handling

If you prefer TradingView links to open in your default browser instead of the Desktop app, follow these steps to disable in-app link handling:

1.Open the Windows Settings app.

2.Navigate to Apps > Apps for websites.

3.Find the TradingView app in the list and turn off the toggles for * and


Not all TradingView pages are designed to be opened directly in the app, and the in-app link handling feature appropriately allows some pages to open in the default browser. However, this can be overridden by Developer Mode on Windows. When Developer Mode is enabled, all TradingView pages will open in the app, which can lead to unexpected results and issues. To avoid potential problems, ensure Developer Mode is disabled on your system. You can learn more about Developer Mode on Windows by following this link.