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Jan 052022

A conspiracy of ravens gather

Ravencoin is flying high as it gets ready for a birthday halving.

  • Prices popped up 22% on Tuesday to hit their highest price since November, up 30% for January so far, separating itself from an otherwise flatlining crypto market.
  • It’s a peer-to-peer blockchain based on a Bitcoin fork from four years ago (almost on the dot), and on January 11 it’ll halve the amount of tokens you get for mining a block.
  • Cutting rewards in half sounds like a bad thing for miners, but it’s historically pretty good for prices and is incentivizing investors to pick up a pack of Ravencoin.

I invented a project & four years ago today it launched.

Now it’s worth a billion dollars. Never raised or was paid a dime.
I don’t talk about it much. It’s open source & doesn’t need me to & seems like promoting a purchase- which I’m not. Open source/ decentralized ftw rvn 🚀

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