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AI Coins: Robots are here

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We knew it would happen. The robots have taken over and they’re…making us money? AI-linked cryptocurrencies are a new and booming part of blockchain’s decentralized economy. As with many initial coin offerings, AI attached crypto is exactly that – crypto which is linked to platforms completing AI projects. These can range from supporting tools and infrastructure to complete AI projects, using blockchain’s secure platform to store and distribute data. These often promise to automate and improve the accuracy of many of the processes involved in crypto trading, letting users execute trades with increased speed and accuracy. However, it is worth remembering that the current state of AI is in its infancy, and crypto more so. This can help you unlock micro-profits, reduce risk, crunch data 24/7, and more. Investing in these coins helps back projects you believe in, but you should enter into a transaction with your eyes fully open, as not every AI project (or coin) is going to be a success.

The symbols listed below are cryptocurrencies in the top 1000 in terms of market capitalization that use artificial intelligence on their blockchains or list AI as a potential use-case for their crypto. These symbols do not constitute advice, and you should always do your own research before placing a trade.