Experience extra power, extra speed and extra flexibility, all with the same UX you know and love.

Native multi-monitor support

Multiple monitors are important to traders. TradingView Desktop allows you to set up and restore your multi-monitor workspace without any of the limitations browsers traditionally face.


Tab linking by


Once you link a few tabs, they'll all show up with the same symbol. And if you change that symbol in any of them, it'll change for all of them. Handy for slicing your analysis multiple ways quickly.


Cross-hair sync

on your workspace

Ideal for thorough market study, your crosshairs will move in sync across all your displays. Plus, you can switch the ticker on every tab with just a single click.

Desktop experience

Tired of always losing your charts, hidden away between all your open CNBC and YouTube tabs? Now keep all of TradingView findable from just one click on your desktop menu.

Desktop app
In browser