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Are you a brokerage or exchange? Connect your data and trading setup to the TradingView platform and grow your business within the world's largest trading community.

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Once integrated, your customers can place and manage live orders directly from charts across our browser, desktop, and mobile apps, using TradingView as a full-fledged trading platform at no extra cost. And you will access tools to attract and retain users from our customer base.

  • 60+ million active users worldwide

  • More than 1 million paid subscribers

  • 50M+ successfully executed live orders

  • 560K+ traders connected through us

Become an integral part of the platform

The integration process is straightforward and goes through the robust REST Web API. Over 50 brokers connected to us globally no longer worry about platform commissions, cost of leads, or high-performance front end. We've got it all covered.

  • Our platform is free from any transaction, volume, and revenue commissions

  • Smooth and flexible API integration of your trading backend

  • Access to our powerful web, desktop, and mobile apps

  • Regularly updated trading, charting, and analytical features

Get a broker profile on TradingView

Expand your global presence by reaching new audiences with a broker profile — your own promo page on TradingView. Execute various marketing strategies to boost offerings and drive our audience directly into the sales pipeline.

  • Amplify your brand visibility in targeted regions

  • Get only authentic reviews from verified traders

  • Earn community credibility with quality content

  • Engage customers with unique special offerings

Convert users into qualified leads

Acquire new customers from our 60 million-strong audience through a unique referral flow that transfers leads directly to your sign-up page. It simplifies user acquisition to one simple step with the ability to collect leads across our entire website.

  • Acquire new customers from the #1 investing website

  • Direct referral of our users straight to your website

  • Receive quality leads from the TradingView website

  • Multiple entry points across

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TradingView broker integration opens new horizons in expanding brand recognition and lead generation in targeted regions. Join our ecosystem to delight your traders with cutting-edge front-end technology and acquire new customers from a broader audience.