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e-Commerce crypto: Retail therapy goes digital

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Tesla accepting Dogecoin? Shopify accepting Bitcoin? That’s right, folks, crypto is quickly becoming a viable method of payment for some companies. Blockchain tech renders it easy to add crypto to existing pipelines, and the benefits speak for themselves: lower fees, anonymous transactions, and fraud-proof protections. But there are always two sides to every coin – shoppers using crypto could potentially be exposed to price volatility, as well as lacking typical buyer protections when using fiat. That said, as the tech continues to evolve, companies in e-commerce will be looking to develop further and the potential opportunities are still vast. So keep your eyes peeled – this Spark lists out some exclusively e-commerce coins, with some early bird options to put in your portfolio basket.

The symbols below are crypto tokens with use-cases designed for eCommerce and retail use and/or part of projects aiming to decentralize commerce. However, these are curated based on TradingView data and you should always do your own research before adding any to your basket.