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Gen 2: Crypto is here to stay - and it's brought some friends…

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After Gen 1 came a period of refinement, with rapid advancement and innovation proving to be the name of the game. The release of Ethereum's whitepaper in 2014 saw developers quickly push the envelope with coins that were supported by some tasty extras. Chief among was the concept of ‘smart contracts’ that allowed for greater autonomy when it came to managing transactions on the system. This extended to assets and trust agreements, producing an explosion of establishment interest in the sector. And with this attention came the cash to drive some real change. Merchants began to widely accept Bitcoin as a currency, letting crypto shed its “black market” image and integrate with polite(ish) society. Exchanges exploded in popularity as the infamous $5m hack of Bitstamp in 2015 reminded users that they were still on the frontier of new tech. We’ve listed some of the crypto that sprang into being during this period, many of which are still making waves today.

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