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Tobacco Stocks: Lighting up your portfolio

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Classed as a ‘sin stock’, tobacco is the awkward pick that lies at the heart of many portfolios. The industry’s established user-base (with 1.1 billion smokers worldwide as of 2019) makes this a sector with strong fundamentals, long-established branding and stable fundamentals. As you’d expect though, ethical and regulatory concerns do raise big questions about the industry's long-term viability. But if, on balance, you're keen to light-up your portfolio, here are some leading picks that can help add value today.

This is a curated list, encompassing as much global variety as possible. To be considered, the stock had to be involved with the growth, production, or sale of tobacco products, with a minimum market cap of $1bn. Our selection doesn't include stocks that are explicitly 'vaping' related. As ever, this selection shouldn't be counted as financial advice, and you should always do your own research before placing a trade.