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TV broadcasting stocks: On air

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Millions of channels and there's never anything to watch, right? Well these TV broadcasting companies are trying their best to corner the highly competitive TV market and keep your attention, with quality content and new ways to view. Gone are the days when you have to wait until a certain time on a certain day to get your latest fix - now you can binge, Netflix and chill, multi-screen and even watch in VR. But which companies will get the primetime slot in your portfolio?

The symbols below are the biggest US-listed companies involved in live broadcasting and streaming. These do not include infrastructure firms such as satellite providers, but companies that center on media production, as well as the likes Amazon and Apple that provide streaming services as a part of their wider business. It's also worth noting all listed have market caps over 500m. Keep an eye on these key players, but always DYOR and don't rely us.