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Up-and-coming crypto: New kids on the block

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Combining the best of digital innovation and modern fintech, cryptocurrencies are decentralized investment opportunities that are tough to resist. The amount of cryptos out there is increasing on a daily basis, and everyone is paying attention to try and see which one could be the next Bitcoin. You should too, so here are some of the best up-and-coming cryptos that you may not have heard of, but could be just what your portfolio needs.

This Spark lists new cryptocurrencies on the scene. To filter out those not worth your time, we've added two criterium: firstly, each crypto must've been launched after 2020, and secondly, it must have ranked in and around the top 200 in terms of market capitalization since launch.

Whether you're just testing the water before taking the plunge, or putting on your flippers and diving straight in: make sure to do your own research first to avoid drowning.