A beginner's guide to trading - Chapter 4

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This question has been asked before. It has been asked now. I will be asked in future. What question is that? It is nothing but, “How to select stocks to trade?”
From beginners to expert traders, everybody knows stock selection is important. Especially for intraday it is very important as same stock won’t give movement daily.
There are two methods. One is to trade on active stocks and another is selecting a stock which has formed trade set up as per your strategy. Ok, now how to select stocks? For intraday, the stock you trade should be an active stock. If the price is above 400 rs means, generally the movement will be good. The price will move with momentum & show trend strength.
The stocks you select should be

-- Active
-- Above 400 Rs
-- No spikes in movement (very long upper & lower wicks).
Let us take an example. Beml is in my active stock list.

In the above chart on June 9th price was narrowing within a narrow range forming a symmetrical triangle. It means we can expect break out any side. I selected this stock to trade on June 10th. Next step is to prepare a trading plan. Bearish below 1330, I can go short if the price showed bearish strength with 10 points as stop. Bullish above 1350, I can go long if the price showed bullish strength with points as stop.
When you have a list of active stocks, you can filter them by pattern formation like the above example and trade.
Below is another example.
In the above example, I have selected the stock because of the consolidation. I have expected consolidation break out once the price moves out of the zone. The levels are marked in the chart.

Another method to select stocks is based on the strategy you use.

I have posted the strategy used already. Please refer the link below if you have not read it.

This trade set up forms in live market. So you have to wait for 15 minutes to know whether your trade set up has formed. These are just examples. Your strategy and trade set ups can have unique features depending on your trading style. It does not matter whether it is intraday or short term trading, always trade on stocks which is active and which forms the trade set up as per the strategy you use.
An important note : In the beginning, you cant be right always whenver you select stocks to trade. Sometimes it may fail fully. But with determination observe, gain knowledge, correct your mistakes and carry on with the process. Good luck...

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