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The fact that GPT can generate Pine Script™ code has garnered much attention lately. While the perspective of making natural language requests to an AI to generate code is understandably attractive, it is unfortunately not something traders should use as a substitute for learning to program or finding a freelancer who will program for them if they are not interested in learning to code.

Simply put, the core of the problem lies in the fact that code generated by software like ​GPT is unreliable. Only someone who already knows Pine can analyze it and make the inevitable changes required for it to work as intended.

Would you rely on a code you cannot trust to trade your money? Those who can answer "yes" to that question are gamblers — not traders — and they most probably won't be reading this publication anyway. Because you are reading this, we assume that you are, or hope to become a trader, in which case elementary risk management would dictate that you consider GPT-generated Pine code with suspicion and not use it to make your trading decisions.

Some of the typical problems you can expect of GPT-generated Pine Script™ code are that its logic will not do what you asked it to do and that it will frequently fail to compile because its syntax is malformed, among other reasons because it mixes up different versions of Pine.

Consequently, we have decided not to allow requests to fix GPT-related code in the Q&A forums where PineCoders answer programming questions. We believe this is the best way to support our community's all-important volunteers who contribute their valuable time and knowledge to help Pine programmers facing programming challenges. Our Q&A forums are not indicator-writing services for traders who do not code in Pine. For that, traders can use our list of Trusted Pine Script™ Programmers for Hire to find a reliable freelancer they will pay to do the work for them.

Our Q&A forums for Pine Script™ programmers are:
 • Stack Overflow
 • "PineCoders Pine Script™ Q&A" room on Telegram
 • "Pine Script™ Q&A" chat on TradingView

If you are interested in learning Pine Script™, start here.

Whether you program or not, do not miss the opportunity to explore our 100,000-strong Community Scripts published by TradingViewers who so graciously share their work with our community.


This publication is not intended as a dismissal of GPT-3. Originally designed to process requests to generate text, the successive versions of ​GPT have turned out to be increasingly adept at producing relatively good-quality text, so much so that it is often difficult for humans to detect that a program wrote it. See on the chart above, for example, its own text on the subject we explore in this publication, or this paper it wrote about itself. We can certainly foresee many uses for GPT-generated text, although it does bring to light challenging ethical questions.

Look first. Then leap.

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