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LCIDSep 16
Move over, Tesla
Lucid Motors jumps 5% after its first vehicle is deemed to have the longest range ever in an electric vehicle.
NIOSep 16
Sprechen sie Deutsche? Wunderbar!
Germany is Nio’s next stop in its European expansion.
FSep 16
Ford dives into self-driving deliveries
Ford partners up with Walmart and Argo AI to launch a new self-driving delivery service.
COINSep 16
Coinbase jumps into crypto derivatives
Crypto platform Coinbase wants to start offering crypto futures and options trading.
NVDASep 16
Nvidia CEO steps into the spotlight
Nvidia is making a name for itself in the EV space, and it seems like its CEO is gaining a rep too, with a spot on the 2021 Time 100.
TSLASep 16
Cathie Woods unloads more Tesla
Tesla continues to make inroads in updating its self-driving software, but Cathie Woods continues to unload the stock nonetheless.
SPCESep 16
Space jam: New competition heads into orbit
Elon Musk’s SpaceX beats Virgin Galactic to the punch, launching the first all-civilian commercial space mission on Wednesday.
Dogecoin's fall from grace
Dogecoin is in the doghouse, slipping down to be the ninth largest crypto by market cap after slipping 20% last week. Can it keep its place in the top 10?
AMCSep 16
AMC spreads its crypto wings
AMC Entertainment adds three new cryptos to the list of digital assets it will accept as payment.
FBSep 16
FB dips as WSJ digs the dirt
A Wall Street Journal exposé airs all of Facebook’s dirty little secrets, and lawmakers are already sniffing around.
Warren looks out for the little guy
Senator Elizabeth Warren bashes Ethereum’s ridiculously high fees, saying they could harm smaller investors.
A new Asian crypto hub?
There could be a new crypto capital on the horizon as Laos seeks to profit on the Chinese crackdown by authorizing both mining and trading.
Google hops on the NFT train
Not one to be left behind by a trend, Google gets involved in the burgeoning NFT market by teaming up with Canadian blockchain company Dapper Labs.
Ethereum will soon see more action from Ark Invest
Cathie Woods’ confidence in Ethereum is up “dramatically”, and Ark Invest’s future crypto exposure is likely to be 40% Ethereum.
AAPLSep 15
Apple reloads its stock
Apple launches a whole host of new products, including four brand new iPhones.
Faith in Ripple is rising
Japan’s crypto exchange TaoTao decides to re-list XRP as the token earns back some faith following its SEC scandal.
COINSep 15
No confidence in Coinbase
Moody’s initiates coverage on Coinbase at junk levels in light of strong competition and a tough regulatory environment.
GMESep 15
Stop press! The meme stock mayhem could be coming to an end
The head of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) says the regulator is “close” to publishing its report in GameStop’s trading this year – a report that could impact the whole meme stock market.
AMZNSep 15
Amazon adds some food delivery perks
Amazon and Deliveroo partner up to bolster the Prime experience, offering consumers free deliveries on some of their orders.
Solana slips back down to earth
A denial-of-service disruption sends Solana down 15% in half a day to add to its losses over the week.
Tesla gets pipped at the pick-up post
Tesla gets overtaken by EV start-up Rivian, which has just beaten out the rest of the market to become the first automaker to produce an electric truck.
A rumor-driven rollercoaster
Litecoin gains (and loses) over 20% in just two hours after a press release claims that Walmart will start accepting the digital token as payment. Spoiler alert – it’s a fake.
GOOGSep 14
A slap on the wrist from South Korea
South Korean regulators are coming after Google with a $177 million fine for abusing its market dominance.
FSep 14
Another new hire for Ford
Ford makes its next high-profile appointment of the week, hiring online sales veteran Mike Amend.
GMESep 14
Meme stocks move in support of AMC
GameStop gets a boost of over 6% on the back of some positive news for fellow meme-stock AMC Entertainment.
AMCSep 14
AMC gets animated on Disney news
AMC gets a boost Monday on the back of news that Disney will release all of its films exclusively in cinemas for the rest of the year.
NVDASep 14
Intel pushes back with powerful new chip
Intel’s upcoming gaming graphics card gets leaked, and the chip rivals Nvidia with its impressive power level, making people wonder if there could be a new chief in gaming town.
MicroStrategy bets big on Bitcoin
Software company MicroStrategy bolsters its Bitcoin investment, adding nearly a quarter of a billion dollars worth of the digital currency to make it the largest corporate crypto investor by a mile.
NIOSep 14
Is the EV space really too crowded?
The Chinese government is calling for consolidation in the increasingly crowded EV space, and with yet another crackdown on the cards, shares of Nio crash down 3% on Monday morning.
COINSep 14
Coinbase cashes in.
Coinbase looks to get some pennies in the piggy bank via a $1.5 billion debt offering. Prices drop 2.21%.
ZMSep 14
Zoom fails to impress. Again.
Zoom releases a bunch of new features but apparently they aren't enough to eclipse its disappointing earnings last week, and the stock slips a further 4%. Might take more than a band-aid to fix this bleed...
BABASep 14
Alibaba kicks self-drive up a gear
Alibaba gets involved in Chinese autonomous driving start-up DeepRoute.ai in a big way, leading investments of $300 million in its latest funding round.
Boom! Ethereum hash rates make a comeback
Ethereum’s hash rate sets a new all-time high on Sunday, feeding hopes that the effects of China’s crackdown could soon be a thing of the past.
TLRYSep 13
Share volume boost
Tilray shareholders vote to authorize an increase in shares. But will it keep investors happy?
TMSep 13
Yet more Covid cuts for Toyota
A resurgence of COVID cases in Asia worsens the ongoing chip shortage and forces Toyota to cut its 2021 forecast.
INTCSep 13
Intel takes back control
In the midst of the global semiconductor shortage, Intel plans to get ahead of the game with an investment of up to $95 billion into its own production facilities.
AMDSep 13
Gamers are sick of sharing
AMD gets gamers in a flurry with its new GPU mining chip, which seems to cater specifically to crypto miners.
SPCESep 13
Virgin flags yet another a delay
A component defect in the flight control system forces Virgin Galactic to delay its space mission with the Italian air force.
FBSep 13
Facebook invests in minority businesses
Facebook announces a $100 million investment into small and minority-owned businesses.
Google gets worried over Apple's Epic ending
A federal judge rules in favor of Epic Games in its battle against Apple, causing Google to drop 1.86% on worries for the future of its own App Store.
A real life Doge father!
Dogecoin soars 5% in a matter of minutes late on Sunday after Elon Musk shares a picture of his brand new Shiba Inu puppy. Cuteness!
SPXSep 13
S&P 500 logs weekly losses
Last week wasn’t great for the S&P 500, which lost ground over five straight sessions for the first time since February. The index hasn’t lifted more than 1% in over a month.
TSLASep 13
Ready to have your mind blown?
Elon sticks to his word, and Tesla rolls out “mind-blowing” Full Self-Driving Beta v10 software to its early access fleet.
AAPLSep 13
An uncertain ending to an Epic battle
In an Epic blow to Apple, a federal judge rules that the tech giant must allow users to make payments outside of the App Store. But is it a pyrrhic victory?
MASep 10
Mastercard bolsters its crypto investment
Mastercard bolsters its crypto investment with the acquisition of major crypto forensics company CipherTrace.
NIOSep 10
Nio faces Hong Kong listing delays
Chinese electric carmaker Nio has been planning its Hong Kong debut for a while now, but now the company is considering delaying the offering.
SPCESep 10
Virgin is undeterred by the FAA
Virgin Galactic is unfazed by being grounded by the FAA, and still plans to launch its first commercial mission within the next month.
FBSep 10
The future of eyewear?
Facebook teams up with Ray-Ban to bring its first smart glasses to the market.
AMZNSep 10
Amazon’s super-smart TV
The rumors are true: Amazon officially starts making its own TVs.
TSLASep 10
Is the delivery hot streak coming to an end?
Supply chain issues have plagued Tesla’s third quarter deliveries, but CEO Elon Musk is aiming for a big push to make a “decent quarter”.
AAPLSep 10
Apple appoints a new car project leader
In the wake of losing its fourth Apple car exec of the year, the tech giant has reportedly promoted Kevin Lynch to lead the division.
SPXSep 10
Banks weigh in on what the rest of the year holds
The S&P 500 has spent the week in the red, ending Thursday down for its fourth session in a row, and Wall Street comes in mixed on how the rest of the year will look.
FSep 10
Ford pulls out of India
Ford is putting an end to its long and costly attempt to build a presence in India, and will shut down all operations in the country and take a hit of around $2 billion.
GMESep 10
Retail investors to the rescue
After disappointing second quarter results sent the stock down 10%, retail investors pile in and bring prices back to life.
Pop and drop
Ripple’s XRP gets caught up in a game of Chinese whispers, and prices pop and drop 10% all in one morning Coinbase denies re-listing the token.
HOODSep 09
Growing the HODL army with auto-renewals
Robinhood is delving further into the world of crypto, bulking up its offerings with a new automatic renewal service.
AMCSep 09
AMC moves to the small screen
AMC is making an unprecedented move: getting into TV advertising for the first time ever.
NIOSep 09
Investors put the brakes on stock offering
Nio announces a $2 billion stock offering, sending prices down over 6%.
NVDASep 09
Further doubt cast on Nvidia/Arm deal
Nvidia applies for EU antitrust approval for its controversial Arm takeover, and in light of the global backlash the acquisition has received, the application could go either way.
TSLASep 09
Shanghai plant ramps up export volumes
Tesla produced a record number of EVs in its Shanghai Gigafactory last month, which the company has turned into its new primary export hub.
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