Bahraini companies with the highest revenue

Make use of the list below: these Bahraini companies show the highest revenue and are sorted by this metric. It can be helpful for growth investors looking for companies making more sales than anybody else.
Change %
Rel Volume
Market cap
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
ALBHAluminium Bahrain BSC
1.544 B BHD1.190 BHD0.00%229.268 K2.621.684 B BHD14.270.08 BHD−71.62%2.45%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
ABCArab Banking Corporation
1.281 B BHD0.325 USD−1.22%50 K0.58379.624 M BHD4.020.03 BHD6.92%Finance
BEYONBahrain Telecommunications BSC
424.904 M BHD0.517 BHD+0.19%20 K0.33855.788 M BHD11.750.04 BHD+3.04%6.29%Communications
NBBNational Bank of Bahrain
310.9 M BHD0.539 BHD−0.19%69 K1.671.217 B BHD14.450.04 BHD5.56%Finance
302.6 M BHD0.506 BHD−0.98%5.779 K0.05913.085 M BHD12.220.04 BHD5.65%Finance
GFHGFH Financial Group BSC
242.734 M BHD0.290 USD+0.69%274 K0.62417.124 M BHD9.610.01 BHD5.64%Finance
Strong buy
SALAMAl Salam Bank B.S.C
182.61 M BHD0.213 BHD+0.47%869.691 K1.21565.292 M BHD12.170.02 BHD3.00%Finance
NASSNass Corporation BSC
165.804 M BHD0.076 BHD−9.52%165.186 K0.9516.346 M BHD28.150.00 BHD−34.15%0.00%Industrial Services
BKICBahrain Kuwaiti Insurance Co B.S.C.
114.938 M BHD0.350 BHD+1.45%14.608 K0.1052.293 M BHD10.120.03 BHD+1.76%7.14%Finance
ITHMRIthmaar Holding BSC
113.695 M BHD0.028 USD−9.68%737.019 K1.4730.762 M BHD0.00%Finance
BISBBahrain Islamic Bank
74.048 M BHD0.070 BHD+2.94%90 K0.9174.074 M BHD10.140.01 BHD0.00%Finance
BCFCBahrain Commercial Facilities
68.027 M BHD0.336 BHD0.00%20 K0.3467.68 M BHD−0.14 BHD−3245.45%5.95%Finance
KHALEEJIKhaleeji Bank B.S.C.
59.515 M BHD0.095 BHD+2.15%27.8 K0.1471.454 M BHD33.930.00 BHD0.00%Finance
BNHBahrain National Holding Co
48.589 M BHD0.485 BHD0.00%50 K0.4454.615 M BHD8.540.06 BHD−47.89%7.22%Finance
TRAFCOTrafco Group BSC
46.101 M BHD0.280 BHD0.00%56.25 K2.4620.839 M BHD6.07%Distribution Services
APMTBAPM Terminals Bahrain BSC
35.936 M BHD1.240 BHD0.00%30 K1.71111.6 M BHD13.980.09 BHD+3.38%7.30%Transportation
GHGGulf Hotels Group
33 M BHD0.435 BHD+3.57%16.126 K0.3298.308 M BHD15.430.03 BHD−16.57%5.75%Consumer Services
SOLIDSolidarity Bahrain BSC
30.829 M BHD0.315 BHD+0.64%10 K0.2741.999 M BHD9.210.03 BHD+68.47%7.94%Finance
SEEFSeef Properties
17.676 M BHD0.134 BHD−0.74%356.142 K0.8061.64 M BHD9.850.01 BHD−0.73%6.72%Finance
NHOTELNational Hotels
7.072 M BHD0.220 BHD0.00%7.092 K0.3626.42 M BHD13.020.02 BHD−35.00%5.45%Consumer Services
CINECOBahrain Cinema
4.968 M BHD0.240 BHD0.00%10 K0.2918.939 M BHD−0.02 BHD−665.12%6.25%Consumer Services
ESTERADEsterad Investment
3.819 M BHD0.215 BHD+2.87%13.5 K0.0533.087 M BHD5.860.04 BHD+136.77%6.33%Miscellaneous
DUTYFBahrain Duty Free Shop Complex Co
1.646 M BHD0.555 BHD+3.74%10 K0.4176.115 M BHD15.250.04 BHD+28.62%5.61%Retail Trade