Stock market sectors of Brazil

The table below shows sectors along with their overview and performance metrics such as market cap, volume and number of stocks. Research various sectors to find promising stocks.
Market cap
Div yield % (indicated)
Change %
Technology Services72.916 T BRL0.34%+0.47%85.267 K4110
Electronic Technology63.59 T BRL0.42%−1.38%4.067 M860
Finance36.428 T BRL0.78%+0.19%335.512 K13175
Health Technology31.484 T BRL0.82%+0.51%9.937 K567
Retail Trade25.922 T BRL0.45%+0.23%188.588 K1061
Consumer Non-Durables12.96 T BRL1.55%+0.71%874.568 K847
Energy Minerals8.773 T BRL1.39%−0.62%996.054 K323
Producer Manufacturing8.486 T BRL0.18%−0.96%260.658 K851
Consumer Services8.049 T BRL0.70%+1.18%11.218 K840
Commercial Services7.52 T BRL0.40%−0.25%132.845 K531
Consumer Durables6.292 T BRL0.75%+0.31%260.599 K726
Transportation5.122 T BRL1.00%−0.48%215.336 K634
Health Services4.738 T BRL0.71%+0.18%654.711 K319
Utilities4.574 T BRL1.19%+0.10%592.825 K457
Communications3.385 T BRL2.51%+0.38%190.247 K317
Non-Energy Minerals2.946 T BRL1.65%−1.00%3.708 M532
Industrial Services2.398 T BRL0.48%+0.75%924519
Process Industries2.389 T BRL0.19%−0.29%393.639 K736
Distribution Services1.517 T BRL0.43%+2.12%145.034 K417
Miscellaneous1.235 B BRL+1.64%14.322 M2141