Stock market sectors of Canada

The table below shows sectors along with their overview and performance metrics such as market cap, volume and number of stocks. Research various sectors to find promising stocks.
Market cap
Div yield % (indicated)
Change %
Finance1.196 T CAD3.98%+1.11%265.084 K12330
Non-Energy Minerals555.111 B CAD1.28%+0.61%96.748 K51341
Energy Minerals500.94 B CAD2.85%+0.82%409.282 K3152
Technology Services426.495 B CAD0.55%−0.41%41.972 K4183
Transportation294.86 B CAD1.29%+0.28%40.093 K619
Industrial Services272.726 B CAD5.30%+0.20%115.135 K552
Retail Trade235.338 B CAD1.36%+0.26%40.374 K939
Utilities163.124 B CAD4.75%+0.70%401.491 K432
Communications132.08 B CAD6.01%+0.46%94.133 K310
Consumer Services111.651 B CAD3.39%−1.13%15.974 K943
Process Industries72.254 B CAD2.25%+1.03%72.37 K7115
Consumer Non-Durables64.039 B CAD2.42%+0.37%8.637 K955
Producer Manufacturing48.25 B CAD2.16%+0.16%21.151 K867
Commercial Services44.021 B CAD1.19%−0.13%28.281 K448
Distribution Services39.866 B CAD3.56%+0.28%12.799 K326
Electronic Technology32.341 B CAD0.22%−0.12%26.889 K949
Miscellaneous31.328 B CAD2.88%+0.15%19.161 K21252
Health Technology17.864 B CAD0.19%−0.09%8.217 K4135
Consumer Durables7.029 B CAD1.73%+0.09%12.45 K617
Health Services4.865 B CAD2.41%+0.56%36.195 K317