Stock market sectors of Pakistan

The table below shows sectors along with their overview and performance metrics such as market cap, volume and number of stocks. Research various sectors to find promising stocks.
Market cap
Div yield % (indicated)
Change %
Finance2.222 T PKR12.35%−0.29%989.186 K1194
Process Industries1.677 T PKR6.80%−0.33%611.097 K7154
Energy Minerals1.614 T PKR5.55%−0.37%3.747 M39
Consumer Non-Durables1.572 T PKR2.22%−0.39%117.176 K938
Non-Energy Minerals788.603 B PKR3.09%+1.87%4.209 M230
Utilities510.037 B PKR10.74%−0.07%5.699 M319
Consumer Durables382.053 B PKR4.58%+0.68%613.104 K415
Producer Manufacturing261.293 B PKR3.73%+0.99%1.285 M620
Health Technology260.996 B PKR1.25%−0.52%464.179 K111
Transportation174.128 B PKR3.46%+5.70%5.489 M45
Technology Services146.453 B PKR1.19%+0.06%503.295 K14
Distribution Services88.402 B PKR1.21%−0.97%3.319 M47
Communications80.731 B PKR0.00%+0.24%3.704 M25
Consumer Services49.729 B PKR0.06%−2.26%3.95 M45
Commercial Services38.59 B PKR0.37%−1.04%881.974 K36
Electronic Technology24.403 B PKR3.09%−1.18%871.693 K22
Health Services9.04 B PKR0.00%−0.70%19.507 K11
Retail Trade6.834 B PKR−1.75%3.833 M11
Industrial Services271.356 M PKR−3.65%5.002 K12